Chinatown Grill Buffet - seafood and more

Friday, May 16, 2003

Ring, ring … (Groggy) Hello?…Hi Rhonnie! Happy Mother's Day, sleepyhead. Hi mom. (Sigh) I click into automatic daughter response: 1. How are you? 2. Really? 3. That's sounds interesting. 4. Yes, I am still seeing the same guy. 5. No, he hasn't asked me the question. 6. Now what question would that be mother? (Just kidding)

Hey mom, I've got another call coming in. Yes, I really do have another call coming in. Yes, love you too. Yes mother, I promise if he asks me the question (any question) you will be the first to know. Bye-bye. (Click)

Hello? Rhon! Where are you?! I'm down here at the Chinatown Grill Buffet. I have us a table here, but I don't know how long I can hold onto it. There is a mother and daughter eyeing my table who look like tag team sumo wrestlers. My son went to the buffet line, and he hasn't been seen since. I need you. Get down here quick.

Calm down Margaret, I'll be there, I replied.

So starts my Mother's Day. I hopped in my truck and off I went to the restaurant. Boy, my friend wasn't kidding. It was busy. The line was backing out the door. With good reason, too. Chinatown provides a very upscale buffet.

My first trip through the line I got salt and pepper steamed shrimp, shrimp in garlic sauce, baked scallops, mussels on the half shell with black bean sauce, baked salmon (so good), fried stuffed crab legs and sushi with real wasabi.

You may have noticed a theme here. That's because most Chinese buffet-style restaurants I've been to have a very limited selections of seafood, but not Chinatown.

After giving my stomach 10 minutes to rearrange the food inside to one side, I tried out the wonton soup, hot and sour soup, satay chicken on a stick, the salad bar and the fresh fruit bar.

Yes, I eat fruit and vegetables … sometimes. The buffet offers more than 100 items that change daily, so if you have picky eaters they will find something they like. They also have a dine-in menu. One of the tastier items is Gen Tso's chicken, chunky chicken lightly fried with hot bean sauce, a must try.

The atmosphere is casual but it is very clean for such a busy place. The restaurant is very family oriented. They have a children's lunch and dinner buffet and a senior citizen discount.

If you remember where the old Western Sizzlin' Steakhouse was then you will know where the Chinatown Grill is. They also offer a fax number for your carry out/to-go items.

Sitting there at the table I was feeling like one of my bubula's stuffed cabbages. Margaret asked me if I was ready to go. "No I can't go, " I said. Can't go? Can't move, I'm so full I'm stuck to my chair. Are the sumo wrestlers still here? I may need their help to get up.

To all the mothers and daughters, eat well and have fun.


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