Aron Ralston- A will to survive

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Aron Ralston may not be a household name -- yet. But his ordeal in the mountains of Utah and his efforts to cheat Death after being pinned by a boulder for five days make for a remarkable story that has captured the minds of millions around the world.

Facing no other option and virtually no chance of being rescued, Ralston broke both bones in his right forearm and used a cheap knife to amputate his arm above the wrist. And he still managed to rappel down a 60-foot cliff and walk six miles before coming across other hikers who assisted with his rescue.

Anyone who has seen TV interviews or newspaper photographs are struck by Ralston's upbeat attitude and engaging smile. And for a long time, we will remember the limits of human endurance and survival displayed by this young man's courage and determination.

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