Speak Out A 05/14/03

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Appetite for cake

IT'S NOT the mayor's fault that Cape Girardeau doesn't have a tornado-warning system. Before long, we won't have any public facilities at all. That is attributable to the skinflint mentality of the taxpayers who simultaneously want to keep and eat their cake.

Let's go take a look

THIS IS anecdotal, but from my observation a storm-warning system for Cape Girardeau would be counterproductive. When I heard SEMO's siren go off, I joined my neighbors in trying to see what was going on by going outside.

Empty connections

AFTER TELLING us that the invasion of Iraq was necessary because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein posed a threat to the United States, we find the Bush administration is arguing that just the potential to make weapons of mass destruction should be enough to justify the invasion. More lies and deceptions just won't cut it. Nothing this president has said to bolster his power grab has been substantiated. Supposed terrorist connections, weapons of mass destruction, bringing democracy and freedom to Iraq -- all have been demonstrated false and empty.

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