Everybody's a critic - ' X2 - X-Men United'

Friday, May 9, 2003

Four stars (out of 4)

"X Men 2" lives up to the hype and anticipation of the release of this sequel. Most of the characters return from the first film based on the Marvel comic book series.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and the theater was full. I enjoyed the action scenes as well as the special effects. The story picks up with Wolverine coming back to the Xavier School just as it is being taken over by the very person who holds the key to his past. Stryker, the new villain, hates the mutants. Mutants are a species that has evolved from the human race with unusual abilities. There is, of course, a need for the superheroes to rescue and save their mentor. Everyone gets an opportunity to use their super powers, even the evil Magneto.

The ending sets up for the third movie in the series to follow.

- Tammy Elias, business owner

Three and a half stars (out of four)

I would have paid someone to go see this movie and write this review for me.

The film describes mutants as "new species of humanity fighting for their place in the world." These so called mutants are fighting for their rights with political ramifications from the Mutant Registration Act.

Not having seen the original "X Men" movie could be a problem for moviegoers. I had to ask my buddy who had seen the original movie if this was a good mutant or a bad mutant. She had a better knowledge of the characters and their special powers since she had seen the original movie.

If you are into special effects, this movie is fantastic. It is filled with plenty of action, unbelievable scenes and super acting. Add to this a little touch of mutant romance, and I think it is a winner.

- Joanie Skinner, elementary school teacher

Three stars (out of four)

I was not a comic book fan growing up, and when I saw the first "X Men" movie I thought it was only all right. I remember reading that the main complaint was that Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) was not crazy enough. I don't think that will be a problem with this one. One of the major scenes depicts Wolverine going absolutely berserk when the government sends troops to assault Professor Xavier's (Patrick Stewart) school.

The story revolves around a government plot to eradicate the mutant race. The enemy also happens to be the culprit in Wolverine's adamantium skeletal experiment, and a target of revenge for Magneto (Ian McKellan). After an outstanding prison escape, Magneto joins with the X Men to stop the government. Even with the introduction, however slight, of several new characters, the story does not drag, and the special effects are second to none. This film is a dramatic improvement over the first.

- Michael Peterson, police officer

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