Business Leads for January 2005

Friday, January 14, 2005


Bankruptcies filed through Jan. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Pickett, Christopher E. and Kimberly A. -- 12105

Pittman, Jerry D. and Connie L. -- 12094

Sitze, Timothy L. and Marcia L. -- 12087

Tabor, Dawn L. -- 12064

Ward, David A. and Christina M. -- 12057

Aldridge, Angela J.Butler12084


Canania, Michael J. and Christine A.12021

Earnhart, Tommy L. and Amanda J. -- 12025

Gaines, David and Michelle M. -- 12083

Gainwell, Magnolia -- 12050

Gardner, Roger D. -- 12026

Johnson, Delorise J. -- 12055

Johnson, Jeffery A. and Patricia K. -- 12058

Jones, Charles J. and Emily J. -- 12044

Lansford, Sherry J. -- 12098

LeGrand, Rodney K. and Amanda L. -- 12024

Lewis, Wesley C. and Jacqueline L. -- 12144

Mikel, Anna J. -- 12071

Moore, Leonard W. and Rosanna -- 12023

Mugford, Barbara J. -- 12103

Mulkey, Helen P. -- 12073

Nelson, Ginger G. -- 12086

Robinson, Russell W. and Mattie B. -- 12096

Asher, Gary W.Cape Girardeau12074


Brannock, Kevin W. and Susan L.12077

Daniel, Aubrey D. and Tara N. -- 12088

Dullum, Kristina M. -- 12082

Frala, Shelia K. -- 12142

Fultz, Terri S. -- 12090

Gann, Lawrence W. and Louise -- 12095

Gray, Rachel A. -- 12151

Hart, Norma A. -- 12099

Housman, Merriel E. -- 12063

Knowlton, Christopher L. and Juliana M. -- 12129

Latham, Michael D. and Becky J. -- 12106

Madding, Thomas E. -- 12143

McBride, Shelby E. -- 12081

Miller, David A. and Kristi L. -- 12097

Mize, David L. and Maxine Y. -- 12053

Morgan, Loretta A. -- 12059

Rampley, Elizabeth M. -- 12060

Rankin, Walter M. -- 12062

Robinson, Ann D. -- 12046

Sander, Doyle J. and Brenda K. -- 12045

Sanders, Jerry D. and Connie K. -- 12042

Slaughter, Mary J. -- 12041

Wallace, David B. and Karen S. -- 12115


Louderback, Richard L. -- 12137

Sewell, Thelma -- 12022

Shelton, Iva L. -- 12138


Cooper, Ronald D. and Terry K.12112

Finch, Angela K. -- 12145

Holland, Laura A. and Robert E. -- 12068

Pirtle, Harold B. -- 12113

Rowland, Melanie E. -- 12114


Miller, Jerry A. and Kathy S.12052


Sprague, Barbara L. and Daniel J. 12149


Cambron, Raymond E.12038

Darwin, Richard L. -- 12102

Lefler, Robert L. and Margaret M. -- 12066

Milliano, Tammy M. -- 12067

Pfeiffer, Robin R. -- 12040

Smith, Melissa A. -- 12030

Stueve, Travis L. -- 12065


Axtell, Gerald D. and Loretta A.12037

Barnes, Christopher G. and Shelly D. -- 12135

Bloomfield, Deana G. and Lee W. -- 12118

Carr, Anita L. -- 12121

Clark, Kevin D. and Alice F. -- 12033

Copeland, Deirdre A. -- 12117

Ellis, David D. -- 12049

Felty, Martha E. -- 12122

Fetters, Mark A. and Heather S. -- 12079

Glueck, Marvin L. -- 12051

Gragg, Robert L. -- 12127

Gramlisch, Penny L. and Kevin W. -- 12128

Houchin, Virginia R. -- 12146

James, Saundra L. -- 12120

Johnson, Ronald D. and Janet S. -- 12078

Kersey, Robert U. and Julie L. -- 12031

Mitchem, Rodney W. and Lisa G. -- 12131

Patterson, Gretchen M. -- 12093

Roslen, Gilbert E. and Marcia L. -- 12035

Seabaugh, Mary E.A. -- 12134

Shell, David -- 12036

Shelquist, Timothy L. -- 12054

Skinner, James D. and Tracy M. -- 12080

Stone, Kenneth L. and Brenda R. -- 12056

Wyatt, Justin R. and Melissa K. -- 12076

Clark, Joyce K.Stoddard12126


Evans, Pamela S.12139

Finney, Curtis L. -- 12140

Hann, Chad S. -- 12136

James, Michael D. -- 12119

Miller, Mark A. -- 12027

Northcutt, G. -- 12032

Orton, Randy O. and Paula R. -- 12132

Stafford, Joyce D. -- 12089

Watson, Glenda S. -- 12061

Williams, Donnie L. and Sandra J. -- 12091

Williams, Elizabeth E. -- 12092

Williams, Jesse D. and Delpha L. -- 12043

Wood, James T. and Gwen L. -- 12039


Brawley, Martin D. and Nina L.12116
Britton, Janet S.12070
Cacciotta, Thomas M. and Margaret E.12104

Business Licenses

Business licenses recorded at the Cape Girardeau County Collector's Office from Dec. 1 through Jan. 7:

O'Reilly Auto Parts, 370 N. Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

Main Street Pharmacy, 2865 E. Main St., Jackson

Mr. Bits & Bytes, 720 Olive St., Jackson

Cape Communications, 615 Broadview, Cape Girardeau

Lady Laura Photography, 270 Apache Lane, Cape Girardeau

House of Color II, 1802 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

Kuts Plus, 1836 Broadway, Cape Girardeau

Furniture Garden, 701 William, Cape Girardeau

Van Matre Management, P.O. Box 1368, Cape Girardeau

Westside Investments, 2021 Perryville Road, Cape Girardeau

Cape County Tax Liens

Cape Girardeau County tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Janet Robert, Cape Girardeau County recorder of deeds, during the month of December. For more information contact the recorder's office at 243-8123.


Donald J. Whitmore, IRS

James W. Crowell

Enpro Inc.

Fruitland Meats Inc. (2)

Vicki L. Lanpher

Richards & Southern Inc.

Telecorp Communications Inc.

Telegent Services Inc.

Cape Shoe Co.

Eugene Parsons (2)

James K. and Sammy C. Roussel, IRS

Todd Rapp, IRS

Theodore R. and Dina E. Swartz, IRS

Alice C. Cordia, IRS

McDonough Motors, IRS

Bayne Ltd.

Bootheel Excavating Inc.

Larry Burrows

James W. Hahn II

Elizabeth J. Horton

Jipes Inc.

Eric L. Lambert

Frank A. McCall

P&C Construction Inc.

Daniel Poe

Ram Power Environmental Services

Roger J. Scarpaci

Siebert Nine Inc.

Frederick A. Thatch

Anderson Thrower

Richard A. Watson

Jiaching Yee

Sharon Armour

Michael R. Napper

Janie A. Evaans

Duschell Enterprises (2)

Data Business Systems Inc., IRS


Johnny A. Below, (5) IRS

Forrest J. Jackson, IRS

Tiffany B. Morgan, IRS

Duschell Enterprises

Erika J. Becker

Charlie's Choppers Inc.

Enpro Inc.

David P. Rains

David K. Dabbs

Data Business Systems Inc.

Paul Kester (3)

Eugene Parsons (2)

Harlan D. Smothers

Ram Power Environmental Services

Burr Patterson & Auld Co.

Citicapital Commercial Corp.

Devlin Energy Group

The Fun Company Inc.

Otacom (4)

Patsy L. Parmeter

Rickards Inc. (3)

RSB Inc.

George L. Dickerson

Stinnett Rental Properties

Cape Shoe Co.

Stoddard County Tax Liens

Stoddard County tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Kay Asbell, recorder of deeds, during the month of December are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue except as indicated by IRS designation. For information concerning the dollar amount of the liens, contact the recorder's office at (573) 568-3444.


Tammy Davis

Samuel J. Fisher

Pop's Barn & Grill Inc.

James K. Spears

Telecorp Communications Inc.

Teligent Services Inc.

Christian L. Bell

Joseph R. Kindle

Next Communications Inc.

Roger L. and Janet L. Conner

Sherrill D. and Judith Corbin

Walker & Associates Home Health


Bill and Paula Huthcraft, IRS

Virgilio D. Acevedo (3)

Julia A. Fernandez (2)

James K. Spears (3)

Gary D. Clifton

Samuel J. Fisher

Bobby R. Carroll

Burr Patterson & Auld Co.

The Fun Company Inc.

Carla J. Stone

Jessica D. Whalen

Marilyn Agey, IRS

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