Letter to the Editor

Holden ignores will of people on waiting period

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

To the editor:

State legislators recently passed a bill in both houses creating a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions. It is understood our elected representatives in Jefferson City represent the will of the people who elected them. Yet here is another Democrat deciding he is going to bypass the people's desire and force his will and that of his abortion friends down our throats. Gov. Bob Holden has decided he is going to veto this bill.

When a patient is facing surgery, he consults with his physicians beforehand. The benefits and risk factors are laid out so the patient can make an informed decision. So why the rush when it comes to abortion?

Scientist have long recognized that early in pregnancy women are dramatically overexposed to estrogen that stimulates breast cells to multiply. When a women reaches her third trimester, her breast cells transform into cancer resistant cells. Abortions in early pregnancy leave the breasts full of estrogen, which is a tumor promoter.

Perhaps Holden should talk to women who have had abortions to find out if they are happy with their decisions. They are the voices of women who have not been heard. They are the ones who suffer, because they were led to believe that abortions were safe and beneficial.


Cape Girardeau