Speak Out A 05/05/03

Monday, May 5, 2003

Church family

I AM sorry for all you so-called Christians saying hateful things to those people who have been hurt by churches. I recently was invited to church. The person who invited me said half the members were going to hell. Where does he get off judging people like that? It is called a church family, and you need to be there for your fellow man and not just two hours a week. What is wrong with you people? Maybe those who needed somebody from church were too incapacitated to call. Church is not about how big an offering you can give. It's about what Jesus would want us to do as Christians.

Something good

THERE IS good news to be told. My husband and I were in Cape Girardeau. We had a flat tire on Kingshighway. My husband has cancer, and I have never changed a tire in my life. We didn't even know where the jack was in the car because we'd never had a flat with it. A young man from Poplar Bluff who goes to SEMO, a sophomore who's leaving for the Air Force, stopped to help. A police officer came and also helped. They were so much help. I appreciate it so much. I think it ought to be told of good things that do happen when we hear so much bad.

Country's ruination

PUT THOSE opium farmers to work helping to rebuild Iraq and wipe out those poppy fields. Hard drugs are the ruination of any country and its people.

Beat to the punch

WHAT REALLY angers the Democrats is that President Bush beat them to the punch on the war against terrorism. They were happy with Clinton's war. There were no protests in the streets. But they don't like Bush's war against terrorism.

Lack of trust

THE REASON people will not vote for taxes is because the city is cramming that River Campus down our throats after it was turned down by voters. People don't want that. Voters also believe the city can't be trusted and would build the water park before doing anything else.

Voters are insulted

ONCE AGAIN, Mayor Jay Knudtson just doesn't get it. I was not threatened by getting a survey in the mail. I was insulted -- insulted that city officials can't accept the fact that we voters knew what we were doing and voted down their tax packages that were a waste of our money, insulted because they continue to ignore our wishes on the River Campus, insulted because they continue to ignore how we voted and expect us to hand over more money. If we've got money to spend, why are we spending it on the university? The university can get its funding from the state and federal government and through their students. They don't need to get it from the taxpayers of this community.

Wasted energy

IT IS hard to believe there are so many simple-minded people who are so concerned about losing a curve in the road. Surely the time and energy used to complain could be used for more constructive efforts.

No more taxes

PEOPLE VOTED against those four tax proposals because they don't want any more taxes. Period.

A key question

IF THE mayor really would like to know what Cape Girardeau voters think about key issues, I challenge him to send a questionnaire asking if taxpayers want to support the River Campus project. He might gain some instructive information from such a survey.

Losing to Poplar Bluff

I NOTICED Poplar Bluff now has some sort of water park. It would be a shame to lose business from Cape Girardeau, which could have had this. Next time the voters should think about making Cape a better community.

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