Speak Out A 05/04/03

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Reason for no vote

I WOULD like to tell the city why I voted no against the taxes. I knew what I was voting for. I understood the ballot. After the last school election, the taxes on my home went up $127 a year. That's the reason I voted against the city tax increases and the reason I'll vote against every tax increase that comes up in the future. I'm a senior citizen in bad health. I cannot afford anymore taxes. And they do not need a $2 million fire station. A nice fire station can be built for less than $2 million.

Church is for God

THIS IS for the many Christians who have become disgruntled or disillusioned by the so-called clans in the churches. Churches was originally formed for the followers of Christ to uplift each other, to be encouraged or remanded, whatever the case. The body of church believers is not supposed to edify fellow man but to edify and give praise to the God who created all things. Go to church knowing no one is without sin. Raise your hands in praise and be grateful for the privilege of free will in our country. Forgive each other and go to church for God.

Get involved

I'VE BEEN reading in Speak Out about unfriendly churches. In order to have friends, you have to be friendly. When we moved to Cape, we didn't know a soul. But we soon got connected with a great church. We found one where we felt right at home. We let be known we were willing to help where needed. Guess what? In no time, the whole family was kept busy, and we're still involved working for the best church in town. Don't sit and fret. Ask what you can do. There's plenty of work for everyone.

It's not about you

I'M A pastor of an area church. I'm very tired of reading all the comments from the crybabies who are upset that they are not getting stroked at church. Get a clue. Church is not about you. It's about Jesus. Maybe if you'd come to know him, you'd have an understanding of what church is all about.

Botched-up job

SOMEBODY NEEDS to get involved out here on Earline Street between Kent and Abby. This is the worst example of engineering. It's hard to understand how they can possibly botch up an existing disaster where houses have been flooding for 15 years. Now they're doing a repair job that is ridiculous. There are people taking pictures out here. It's just unbelievable.

Jump off a cliff

SKATEBOARDING IS not a major sport. A skateboard park is another dumb idea for Cape Girardeau. The number of injuries suffered by skateboarding kids is huge. Ask most doctors. Why not have a place they can just jump off a cliff or throw knives at one another?

Disappointing riverfront

WE ARE from out of town and decided to go to downtown Cape Girardeau to the riverfront and watch the tugs and barges. But we were disappointed. There were not enough seats for us to enjoy the view. Also, I remember the beautiful pear trees. What happened to them?

Drinking in the park

I'M A nice family man, and I like to take my wife and kids to the softball field in Jackson where I play in the Jackson Men's League. For the last two years at the league meeting, we've discussed the fact that the abusive language needs to be stopped and also the abuse of alcohol, especially in the dugout. The Jackson police overlook this alcohol abuse in the Jackson City Park. Lately it's gotten out of hand. The Jackson City Park is a beautiful park. We need to do something about this.

Need health coverage

I THINK Dick Gephardt's health-insurance plan is better than President Bush's plan because Bush has no plan. I would be glad to forfeit some of my refund so everyone would have health insurance.

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