Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do

Friday, May 2, 2003

This week is National Volunteer Week as proclaimed by President Bush. It is the 30th year for this special recognition of volunteers.

Even though a special week has been set aside for volunteer recognition on local, state and national levels, the millions of Americans who find ways to make volunteer contributions in ways small and large are busy all year long.

Special recognition rightfully goes to those volunteers who find ways to give of themselves in special ways or by amassing thousands of hours of volunteer services.

But every volunteer effort is worthy of notice.

It is difficult to imagine how so many of the services and programs that enhance our lives could exist without the willing hands, bright minds, cheery faces and countless hours of volunteers.

Every community has a small army of people who selflessly make time to help others. This is their special week. We salute these giving and caring members of our community. And we want them to know their efforts are appreciated all year long.

Thanks, volunteers.

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