Letter to the Editor

Low turnout was one problem in defeat of taxes

Saturday, April 26, 2003

To the editor:

The mayor says he wants to understand why the recent tax issues were voted down. Only 16 percent of the registered voters in Cape Girardeau voted. This means 84 percent really didn't care if the tax issues passed.

The reason the tax issues went down in flames is because of poor planning and poor organization. While running for office, the mayor had billboards around the city as well as circulars and phone calls to encourage voting, which indicated his strong desire to be elected. He should have put more emphasis not only on a citizens committee to decide what taxes were necessary, but also on explaining in more detail what the revenue was to be used for.

The only opposition I saw in the Southeast Missourian was the Jim Drury ad, and it was put together well. It put the message across and made it look like the city numbers were not correct.

More emphasis should have been put on getting the people out to vote. After the election, I read that the mayor stated the people had voted and the city would continue with all programs. Now he wants a survey to find out why people voted the issues down. Is it sour grapes? I have been taught when you point a finger as to why things didn't happen your way, you normally have three fingers pointing back at you.

I am in full support of the mayor and am a concerned citizen.


Cape Girardeau