Medical mission involves entire area

Members of a planned medical mission to Jamaica are holding their collective breath this weekend in hopes that a last-minute snafu with Jamaican bureaucracy can be worked out. If it is, 39 people will leave Monday to volunteer a week of their time providing medical, dental and vision checkups and treatment to a remote area on the Caribbean island.

Many churches in our area organize mission projects that involve construction, teaching and medical assistance. The group planning the Jamaican trip includes representatives from at least 15 congregations representing several denominations from Charleston to Perryville.

The logistics of the mission are vast. More than 3,000 pounds of medical supplies have been gathered, stored and shipped to Carron Hall, the Jamaican town where the mission is to be based.

The group includes nurses, respiratory therapists, a pediatrician, optometry students and dozens of others who will find plenty to do.

In addition to the time volunteered by the participants, there are costs associated with the trip, and funds have to be raised. The United Church of Christ has provided a $5,000 grant, and another $10,000 is needed to fund the project. For information about making a donation, contact Evangelical United Church of Christ at 335-5611 or Dorinda Abbott at 334-7894.

Any assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated, particularly by the recipients of medical care in Jamaica.