Speak Out A 04/17/03

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Time for thank you

I'D JUST like to leave a message to all those who protested the war against Iraq. They may want to call President Bush and thank him for liberating the people of Iraq.

It's breaking the law

I AM concerned about some of the comments made about the situation with the students at Scott City High School who were caught drinking. This is a message for those parents who think it is better for their children who are underage to be drinking at home than to be going out to drink. When you say that to your children, you are sending a message that it is OK to break the law. So if your child ever gets in trouble and starts making excuses, remember whom they learned it from. Our children are our future. We need to be teaching them right from wrong. Breaking the law is wrong.

Ignore the rules

THIS IS in response to the articles in the paper about the Scott City parents and the drinking teenagers, and it applies to those in Jackson as well. It doesn't matter what you think should be allowed for your child. It doesn't matter what you think should be appropriate prom behavior. The bottom line is the law states people under 21 years of age should not be drinking. It is a crime. Make a list of all the rules you want your children to follow in life, then cross them all off, because that's what you've taught them to do: ignore my rules.

Rules of the game

WHEN WORKING with parents, there are two facts that must be kept in mind. One, every parent believes sincerely that rules, regulations and standards are meant for everyone else's child, not their own. Two, any punishment administered to their child by someone else, no matter how mild or innocuous, is too severe, but any punishment of someone else's child is too mild.

Cliques rule

REGARDING THE Scott City suspended athletes and their coach, I can see only one thing wrong with the board's decision. The coach should have been relieved of her teaching position also. In such a small town, the cliques really have a strong hold on all matters. Is it still illegal to purchase and supply alcohol to minors? I guess not.

Slap on the wrist

I THINK it's great what the Scott City administration did. I feel the softball coach should have been suspended from teaching, not just coaching. That's nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Happens here too

MANY SAY the Iraqis aren't ready for freedom because they are looting and lawless. What hogwash. All are pillaging. Every time we have a power blackout or riot in America, we have these barbaric actions until law is restored. And it will continue.

Smoke is still there

IT IS nice that stores put "no smoking" signs on the entrance doors. It would be nicer if their smoking rooms did not filter out to the sales floor so shoppers with allergies to smoke do not walk into air pockets of the smelly stuff.

Wrong role model

I WORK for the Scott City schools, and I'm just wondering why the coach wasn't fired as a teacher. Apparently drinking is acceptable. Several of the students who were caught drinking are officers or members the Future Teachers Association. It wouldn't make sense that this is the role model they have for that organization.

They know the rules

I WANT to speak in praise of the Scott City Schools for suspending the students that were drinking at the prom party. I don't care that it has been done before. It's illegal. I don't care that people have turned their heads. The kids who play on the teams signed the agreement that's in the student handbook. They know the rules. The parents and coach also should also be held responsible. Drinking is not acceptable. It's not a positive thing.

Overriding God

SHAME ON the researcher who states that researchers are attempting strategies to get around the pothole God created in human beings that doesn't allow cloning. Who gives him that power to override God's system?

Time for consultant

MY PREDICTION is the city will hire a consultant for $100,000 to tell them how to win the election. That $100,000 could give 20 firemen in the city a $5,000 raise. When are the city officials going to realize that the voters will not be hoodwinked any more?

Straightening everything

I'VE LIVED in Cape almost 50 years, and I don't ever recall anybody getting killed on Snake Hill. I hear about a lot of people getting killed on I-55 which is as straight as can be. It's not the curves or the straightness. It's speed and driving conditions that cause accidents. And I think it's a real shame that every time I turn around, Cape is trying to straighten this or straighten that, which costs a lot of money that we supposedly don't have.

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