United Way starts 2003 campaign at Biokyowa

Thursday, April 17, 2003

BioKyowa kicked off the Area Wide United Way's 2003 campaign, raising over $8,500 for the local community in their recent employee campaign.

With over 150 employees, the average gift was $97.32 and the corporate contribution was $3,000. "These numbers are remarkable in light of the economy," stated Nancy Jernigan, executive director of the Area Wide United Way.

Kathy McLain, BioKyowa's human resources manager and United Way board member, organized the campaign. "Employees were convinced that their contribution, no matter what size, really does make a difference," stated McLain.

Don Fisher, chairman of the 2003 campaign, is currently recruiting volunteers for his cabinet. The United Way theme denotes what truly matters, that people have a significant impact and do change lives through their support of United Way.

The Area Wide United Way serves as the leader in uniting people and resources around health and human service issues to build a stronger and healthier community. The 2002 campaign raised over $928,000 and funded 45 local programs in Southeast Missouri. Call 334-9634 or visit the Web site at www.areawideunitedway.org for more information.

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