Speak Out A 04/15/03

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Cutting from the top

I ADMIRE the Illinois governor. He has gotten the message. He's trimming from the top and using his intelligence to find other ways to help the budget crisis besides milking the middle class for more taxes. We have bailed cities out too many times. There are other ways. I hope Gov. Bob Holden in Missouri follows through and starts cutting from the top also.

Cairo ready to change

CAIRO VOTERS have decided it was time for a change from the way the city was being managed without much regard for the citizens. Sometimes individuals can become so entrenched they feel their own agenda is what really matters. But a new day has finally dawned for Cairo. It is time for everyone to come together, divest themselves of old animosities and move the city forward. Open government is always best for the citizens. The good-old-boy club almost choked the entire life out of the town. It is time to move forward with an eye toward saving Cairo from further decline.

Regime change

I THINK the recent election sent a clear message that it is time for a regime change in Cape Girardeau. No matter how well you spin it, the citizens of Cape sent their message. We don't trust this city government. We don't like this old-boy network that doesn't let people with new ideas who are outsiders to be involved in the process. It's time for a change. Mr. Mayor, please don't ask us for another tax hike a year from now or two years from now without changing the regime of Cape Girardeau, because your answer will be the same: No.

Emphasize the positive

IT SEEMS that most of the people living in this area are quite unhappy with life. Let me encourage you in a good way to look at the positive things of life. God has created all of us with a unique difference. Wouldn't it be a boring world if we were all the same? I will admit that I get down on life sometimes, so I am by no means exempt from the comment I made above. I am merely trying to pass on a wise contemplation. Whatever things are pure, noble, just and of good report, think on these things and you will be much more content and happy.

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