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Monday, April 14, 2003

Process was tainted

THE PROCESS for selection of chief of police of Jackson has left many very disappointed. It is apparent that the process was predetermined. It is a great disappointment that officials in Jackson would not consider other very highly qualified candidates.

We've spoken

ONCE AGAIN, it's obvious our city leaders either don't understand, don't want to understand or do understand and just don't want to accept it. But to blame the defeats on the economy is ridiculous. Most taxpayers are saying, "I'm not giving them any more money while they're wasting the stuff they've got now." We've spoken. Dump the River Campus issue. Spend our tax dollars on our community and not on things for the university. Start worrying about those of us who vote and pay taxes. Stop sticking your head on the sand and blaming it on the economy. I will continue to vote no on any tax increase of any kind for any reason as long as the city is still pushing the River Campus and still has a city manager who has so little control over what's going on and allows us to get in the mess we did.

Obvious choice

WE WERE just wondering what in the world is wrong with the mayor in Jackson and all of those people who fool around trying to find a chief of police when we've got a good one acting now. Why in the world would they spend money trying to find one from out of town when this one knows Jackson? That does not make sense.

It wasn't confusion

I WAS proven wrong, and I'm proud to say it. I once asked when was the last time you ever heard of a tax extension being voted down, but it actually happened. Cape Girardeau voters made history. We resoundingly voted no on all four issues. What still concerns me is that the officials still don't get it. They say it's the economy or they didn't get the message out or the voters were confused. The voters were not confused. Enough is enough.

Inform the voters

IF YOU look at the other towns around, all of their tax issues passed. Cape Girardeau is notorious for not getting information to the common people to help them understand what the taxes are about. And when voters see the ballot, the issues are written in a way that they don't know what they're voting for. We need to let people know what they are voting for.

Coaches' pasts

I AM sorry to hear about the students being suspended at Scott City High School. I remember things about some of the coaches' pasts. I want to thank the family that kept the students safe. Most parents would not go to that much trouble. My friends and I have been to proms, and these students were much safer.

Against new taxes

THE POOR economy wasn't the reason I voted against the city issues. It's because I am tired of new taxes all the time.

Let the feds pay

EVEN IF the economy had been good, I would have voted no on all four Cape issues. If we need more money, look to the federal government, which has billions of dollars to waste. We need to start a volunteer fire department here in Cape. Also, I want the state highway patrol association to quit paying people to call my house wanting money for their kids' tuition or funeral expenses. I don't call your house wanting money.

Cut, then try again

THE TAXPAYERS have soundly defeated the four Cape proposals because the mayor and city council unwisely tried to promote new taxes not just for necessities, but for far too many frills. This doesn't mean some extra taxes are not justified for much needed services, maintenance and capital expenditures. Trust the taxpayers to be reasonable. Make all possible spending cuts, then try another tax referendum to support only the most pressing financial issues.

Young drinkers

THIS IS to the person who thinks it's crazy to legalize drinking at age 18. You might love your kids, but if you think your kids are perfect and they wouldn't do this behind your back, you're silly. There are a lot of 16-year-olds drinking. So don't kid yourself.

Voters understood

IN THE aftermath of the election, your newspaper quotes Nancy Jernigan, who co-chaired a citizens task force, as saying that the four issues may have confused some of the voters. I think she was confused when she thought voters would let the city officials dip into their pockets again and again and again. The voters were not confused. They knew exactly what they were voting against.

Good day for America

I NEVER thought I'd see Dan Rather reporting about the fall of Baghdad and how the Iraqis are pushing Saddam Hussein's statues over and thanking George Bush. Don't you know this galls the liberals at CBS and NBC and ABC? This is a full victory. It's all due to Bush. I'm proud we threw this dictator and these murderers out. It's America's best time.

A tighter budget

NOW CAPE Girardeau officials will have to learn how to live on a budget, not on taxpayers' backs, but on budgets like taxpayers have to live on.

He was right

I AM so proud of President Bush, and I know you are too. He was right all along.

Taxed to death

THE REASON the tax issues were defeated is not the economy. People are just doggone tired of being taxed to death.

Scott City cleanup

I JUST want to say more power to superintendent Bradshaw at the Scott City School District and the baseball coach on this teenage drinking. This is a problem we have. We need to do something about this underage drinking. It's sad that students who weren't involved aren't going to get to play ball and have to pay the penalty for the ones who drank.

Too cold for soccer

JUST WHAT is the purpose behind our children and grandchildren playing soccer in 30- and 40-degree weather with a wind chill of a lot less? There have been at least three games this spring that should have been canceled. There's enough illness in this world without adding more unnecessary danger. The Cardinal organization was smart enough to cancel for the big boys, so it's ridiculous to see our little ones struggling against the cold with no coats or hats for protection.

Made right decision

HATS OFF to the coaches and administration at Scott City School District who made the decision to follow policies and laws.

Presidential character

WHO WOULDN'T be happy that the Iraqis are free? But what a difference a president makes. I wonder if the people who didn't vote for President Bush understand what we saw in him. Isn't it different to have a president with character?

Targeting teenagers

FINALLY, A school that enforces the rules. Teenage drinking is rampant. I can't believe these parents are blaming the school instead of their children. If Mommy and Daddy come to their defense when they break the rules, how are they going to learn accountability? It's easy to get alcohol. Look at the displays in the stores and gas stations. They are clearly targeting teenagers. Tobacco companies were made accountable for targeting kids. Why not the liquor companies? Alcohol kills. And it's still illegal to drink and drive, no matter what your age. Parents are supposed to be good examples. I see many drinking and driving. No one has ever been killed by another driver smoking. Please, don't think it can't happen to you. We've got to stop these companies from targeting our teenagers.

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