Our House bar taking over Indigo spot

Monday, April 14, 2003

A new downtown bar called Our House will be opening within the next month in the spot formerly occupied by the Indigo at 2 N. Main.

The business is owned by Al McCain, who recently sold Mac's Tavern to start this bar. He told me last week he's been busy doing a lot of cleaning and decorating, and that the bar could open as early as three weeks from now.

He is putting a stand-up bar in the building and various types of lighting.

And, by the way, yes, the name comes from that song called "Our House," by the 1980s band Madness. (I didn't know that. I had to look it up.)

Our house, in the middle of our street ...

Our house, in the middle of our street ...

McCain said he got the idea from some of his friends who were customers at Mac's.

"They liked the song and said that it would be a good name for the bar," McCain said.

Several bars have had a rough time making a go of it there. But McCain said he's not worried about that.

"The difference is the people we have working here," he said. "Everybody who comes in will get treated well. That's pretty well it."

McCain's son-in-law, Jason Copeland, will run the bar while the boss works another job. He offers a simple answer: "We plan on doing things a little bit cheaper and quicker than previous places," he said.

The business will also feature a juke box and a live DJ and live bands two or three nights a week, Copeland said.

Paying the tax man

April 15 is the day we typically pay Uncle Sam his fiscal due. But plenty of us don't have ready cash on tax day.

For those who owe this year, 73 percent said in an online survey they'll turn to savings. For those who can't pay, 8 percent said they'll charge their taxes to a credit card and pay over time. Six percent said they'd sell stocks or other investments to raise the cash, and another 5 percent said they'd get another form of loan.

The results are from a poll posted last month by Yahoo! Finance. There were nearly 98,000 votes.

Tough parenting

Many of us -- and by us, I mean you -- work grueling hours, especially in these uncertain economic times, with companies queasy about new hiring binges. Don't think the kids don't notice.

More than half of kids ages 9 to 14 polled last month, or 63 percent, said they wish their parents had a job that offered more flexible schedules so they would have more time to spend together. Only 13 percent said they wanted Mom or Dad to make more money.

Only 32 percent of the 746 adolescents said they spend a lot of time with their parents, and 23 percent said that was because of their job schedules. Nearly a fifth of the kids said they didn't see their parents because of busy school schedules and homework loads.

The telephone survey was conducted by the Center for a New American Dream, based in Takoma Park, Md.


It appears that In the Wine Cellar has closed for good. Old Town Cape executive director Catherine Dunlap said she believes that is the case.

The owners, Jan and Bill Wilkins, have closed In the Wine Cellar and moved out of the area.

Also, China Town Buffet opened last week in the old Western Sizzlin building on Kingshighway.

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