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Friday, April 11, 2003

One of the best things about my job is the new people I get to eat … no, meet (Note to self: Must keep cannibalistic tendencies in check). I like going to new places, trying out the local cuisine, risking eternal heartburn.

Hey, being a restaurant profiler isn't all fajitas and margaritas. I do it for my public.

One of the new places I wanted to try is Space Walker Internet Cafe in historic downtown Cape Girardeau, and one of the new people I got to chat with is Victor Kantchev, the owner.

RA: What type of crowds does the Space Walker Cafe attract?

VK: Well, during the weekday hours we get the local business crowds. About two-thirds of them come in to eat, relax and play some LAN games. The other one-third is a to-go crowd. They want something quick, easy. They want to get in and out and back to the office.

During the evenings and weekends we get mostly a college age crowd. They like to come in to eat and drink, play games and surf the Internet. We have a big-screen TV and a comfy couch to watch the news and sporting events. On the weekends we have live music.

RA: What is one of your quick favorites on the menu? VK: The three-cheese quesadilla

RA: I like the panini sandwich myself.

VK: That also is good and versatile. You can have it with a choice of ham, turkey or roast beef, or you can have it just with the cheese and vegetables for a vegetarian dish.

RA: Your cafe decor reminds me of a young, fresh, hip interior of a dot-com company without it folding up.

VK: (laughter) Yes, we are here to stay. We are the only European-style Internet cafe and deli in town.

We definitely have a place here in Cape. We have chess tournaments here and a photography club that meets here too.

RA: So your photography studio is in the cafe?

VK: Yes, we offer a full service digital photography studio.

RA: You stay busy.

VK: It's harder to hit a moving target. (smile)

Victor still travels quite a lot to Europe and the East and West coasts. For those who remember Space Walker Cafe is in the old Hecht's Too building.


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