Everybody's a critic - 'Phone Booth'

Friday, April 11, 2003

One and a half stars

I understand that the title of the movie is "Phone Booth," but come on. Staying in one spot for the entire movie became old quickly. The only change on the screen were the small boxes the director used to show the person on the other end of the line. Granted, this was a bit creative and possibly the only other way to portray someone else on the line other than a split screen, but it was annoying.

I suppose, in the killer's sick and twisted mind, killing these not-so-nice men or making them confess their wrongs to the people they have hurt is a form of having morals -- just not the kind society should start enforcing.

I thought this movie would contain a little more excitement considering the setting was New York City. The screaming hookers and the almost real fear you sense from the man in the phone booth were the best parts.

- Melissa Harrison, cardiac technician

One and half stars

If you're looking for a nice, long, in-depth movie, try something else other than this "Law & Order" season-finale wannabe. The movie was just beginning to get interesting as the end credits rolled. I guess I can't expect a whole lot out of a one hour and 15 minute movie, but it seems as if the supposed "scary" sniper could have had a motive for wanting to kill the star, played by Colin Farrell. I thought about it, and it seems to me that the only thing it could have been was a sick joke and nothing else.

The writers of the movie were probably trying to be clever by having the phone booth as the only setting for the entire movie. Well it didn't work. I got bored watching it, and the other actors in the movie were probably mad that an inanimate object (the phone booth) got more screen time than they did.

- Sam DeReign, Oran High School student

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