Speak Out B 04/10/03

Friday, April 11, 2003

Matter of agreement

FOR AREA politicians to harangue and holler about what they consider to be the outlandishness of Tony Heckemeyer's talk show on the public-access channel speaks volumes since their silence is deafening when it comes to the talk shows of the likes of the maniacal Michael Savage. It seems like these guys are all for allowing people to decide for themselves what they want to watch and listen to until it comes to the expression of views with which they disagree.

Council's TV ratings

CAPE GIRARDEAU Mayor Jay Knudston referred to a public-access channel televised talk show featuring Tony Heckemeyer as a joke. I wonder how the mayor would characterize the televised meetings of the city council.

Reap what you sow

ALCOHOLISM AND drug addiction are not spread by some germ or bacteria. They are lifestyle choices. We should be compassionate, because these people need help. But these types of "diseases" are self-inflicted and can be prevented by choosing not to partake of such things. The alcohol and tobacco industries are killing and maiming millions of people every year, yet it is still socially acceptable to drink and smoke. You reap what you sow.

Liberating TV

I AM much more optimistic that Iraq will be truly liberated than I am that Cape Girardeau's public-access TV station will.

Drinking and driving

SOME WANT the drinking age lowered to 18, and I agree. At 18, one is entitled to vote, serve on a jury, buy cigarettes and serve in the armed forces. Eighteen-year-olds are old enough to fight the war we see unfolding on television, but not old enough to have a beer when they return home. What right do we have to dictate how anyone else treats his own body? The drinking age should be lowered, and the driving age should be increased. Drive at 21 and drink at 18.

Feeling freedom

CAN YOU imagine the feeling of the Iraqis who are praising the United States for freeing them? This is something we have never had to feel, and it makes me happy that these people can finally feel that way. I'm so glad we don't have leaders in our country who make us scared to do something. Just imagine what it would feel like being in the Iraqis' shoes. I'm proud of our troops and our president for making dreams possible for these people.

Stand firm on rules

WAY TO go, Scott City school administration, for following the rules. We send kids a mixed message when we allow them to drink before the drinking age and get away with it. Stand firm.

Live within means

THE RESIDENTS of Cape Girardeau gave the city government their answer concerning the four tax issues in Tuesday's election: an overwhelming no. Now what shall we do? Perhaps its time to trim the fat. We should start by having the police department lay off some of our officers. We have too many doing nothing but harassing our young drivers. Do the same with the fire department. We are way too fat there as well. If the truck is too big to fit in the garage, let the university store it. After all we purchased that truck to fight fires at the dorm towers. As for city employees' raises, trim the management and get out of the trash business by contracting it out to the lowest bidder. Life is tough, but we all have to live within our means.

Older military limit

HOW ABOUT we just get past the "lower the drinking age" comment and raise the age for military service? These young brains are still developing. They might not know what they're getting into. After all, they're not old enough to handle liquor, so how could they handle killing someone?

Speaking clearly

THE VOTERS in Cape Girardeau have spoken very clearly: No on all four issues.

Not a good idea

OUT OF the mouth of stupidity comes the comment to let those who do badly on MAP tests clean the highways. No matter how hard students study, many will always do badly on the MAP test. I wonder how many adults would do well on the MAP test.

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