Shots by photographer of sniper from Oran gladden area family

Friday, April 11, 2003

ORAN, Mo. -- An Oran man is taking aim against the Iraqi regime as a sniper in the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division. The family of Spc. Chad A. Prindle, 20, got a glimpse of him in action Wednesday through an Associated Press photo posted on the Internet.

Prindle has been in Kuwait since Nov. 23 and seeing the photo gave the family hope, especially since they had not spoken to him since February, said his sister, Lindi Rains of Oran.

A 2000 graduate of Oran High School, Prindle is the son of Brent and Kitty Prindle of Oran. He enlisted in the Army in October 2000.

"With many thanks to my dad, Chad was taught to shoot a gun very early in life," Rains said. "I guess all of that teaching did some good. Though, I'm sure my dad's plan wasn't for him to become a sniper in the war with Iraq."

This wasn't the first glimpse of their soldier online. AP photojournalist John Moore captured another shot of Prindle March 16 lining up a golf putt on an improvised course at a camp in the Kuwaiti desert.

Prindle's mother thought Moore might be traveling with her son's battalion and posting the photos from the front onto the Internet, and so they continued to search for more photos taken by him, Kitty Prindle said.

"Yesterday was very exciting," she said. "Because I had found the Web site where they were photographing just his unit and we've been looking and looking. But when we finally saw him, it was just unreal. I phoned just about everyone I know."

The family printed out multiple copies of the photos for relatives and friends.

Rains said her brother plans to attend college to become an art teacher and that his family is anxious for him to return to Oran.

"For right now, we just want him to come home safely," Rains said. "At night, my 2-year-old, Kade, says his prayers and he is always sure to include Chad. He says, 'Please let Chad shoot bad guys, and bad guys no hurt my Chad.' It is so cute, and so meaningful for a 2-year-old. We all miss him very much."

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A U.S. Army sniper, Spc. Chad Prindle of Oran, Mo., took aim at irregular Iraqi forces firing upon American troops from behind a mosque in Baghdad on Wednesday. (John Moore/Associated Press)

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