Puppy swallows knife the length of its body

Thursday, April 10, 2003

LONDON -- A puppy that swallowed a kitchen knife nearly the length of his body is back to his playful self after an operation to remove it.

The baffled owners of 12-week-old Jake took him to the vet when they noticed him vomiting and trying to keep his body in a straight line.

X-rays revealed why the puppy was so reluctant to curl up: A kitchen knife was running through his body, with the plastic handle at the base of his pelvis and the blunted metal point at the top of his throat.

"Dogs are always swallowing strange things, from kebab sticks to corn-on-the-cobs to tape cassettes, but this was particularly unusual because it was such a large knife in a small puppy. It really did run the length of his body," said vet Christina Symonds on Wednesday.

The owner, John Mallett, 22, said he knew something was wrong but had no idea the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross had swallowed the knife.

"He would put his feet on you and put his head back, trying to keep his body in a straight line," said Mallett.

Jake was back on his feet less than 24 hours after the operation on March 30. "He's totally back to his old self," said Mallet.

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