Kill Your T.V.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

by Jason Parker

Take a few of Gollum's most quoted lines from The Lord of the Rings movies and mix them with lines from the theme song to the Beverly Hillbillies. Riddle me that and you've got your why.

You've made your point on the war. You either support it or you don't. Great, that's the beauty of the United States of America. Either way, you must support our troops. Supporting our troops and supporting war are two different ideals. Our troops certainly aren't over there for fun. They're taking bullets so we don't have too. If you are against this whole thing please understand that lying down in the middle of a crowded intersection in the middle of New York isn't going to stop it. All it does in alienate everyone else from the point you're trying to make. So those of you supporting our troops stand on one side of the street while the those of you who are protesting the war stand on the other side of the street and scream till you lose your voice but get the #$@* out of my way.

I noticed something different the other day on the Fox News Channel. I can't get enough of the coverage. I'm embedded with my television. Anyway they were showing the feed from one of the Arab t.v. networks like a picture in picture type of set up. I noticed that the television network in the Middle East had the same basic screen set up as any of our news channels with the crawler at the bottom of the screen and everything. Only the crawler was moving from left to right instead of right to left. This is because in their society they read right to left instead of left to right like we do. Notice I didn't say backwards.

Why? Because if I said that it was backwards, that would imply that they were doing something wrong and they're not. "They", being the innocent from Iraq and other places in the Middle East. Why do I feel the need to clarify? Because just as with the time following the World Trade Center attack, as time goes on we might start hating the wrong people again for the wrong reasons. Remember that time? The time when most of you would nearly piss your pants if someone of Middle Eastern ancestry was in the same room. Sure you do! Fear is natural, hate is not.

Oh, the answer to the riddle....."Me precious, me loves me precious, me wants me precious, me will stop at nothing to get me precious.....Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea."

And there is your "Why".

Until then, don't Kill Your T.V. because then someone might protest that just to be different.

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