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Thursday, April 3, 2003

It really works

GOV. BOB Holden is apparently taking a position that he is opposed to allowing honest Missourians to defend themselves from criminal attack. This is unfortunate, because if the governor chooses to veto the bill to allow concealed weapons, it is honest Missouri men and women who will pay the penalty. Holden's apparent blind opposition is compounded by the simple fact that all he needs do is pick up the phone and call any of the governors, both Democrats and Republicans, from states that have had this law for years to discover that this type of law works.

Teacher cutbacks

I HOPE Gov. Bob Holden will pay the bills and feed the children of the teachers he forced the schools to fire. Maybe he should take a pay cut.

Gap in rich and poor

THE CAPE Girardeau Chamber of Commerce claim that this area spends more per capita on consumer goods and other things is no doubt true. However, the key words are "per capita." This is merely illustrative of the gargantuan and growing gap in this area between the rich and poor. The rich buy Porsches. The poor buy pork rinds.

Balancing the budget

THANK YOU, Gary Rust. Your publication of the chart concerning Missouri's general revenue funding was proof positive that the budget will be balanced on the backs of the mentally ill and those in need of health care and social services.

Medical rankings

A DOCTOR was quoted in the Southeast Missourian as saying hospital patients couldn't tell the difference between orderlies, nurse assistants, nurses and doctors. I beg your pardon. They can too. Simple observation tells them that on a scale from most often to never showing up, orderlies rank first and doctors last.

The patriotism defense

THE EMINENT sage Samuel Johnson once remarked that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. What he meant, quite aptly, was that if the only basis upon which you can support an idea is by appealing to patriotism, you have already recognized, maybe without realizing it, that you have an indefensible case.

Salvation in a bar

IT DOESN'T matter where you worship or pray. This world is in need of a lot of prayers right now. I'll take them from a bar or a church. It makes no never mind to me. My husband and his family claim his grandpa found God in the bottom of a bottle. He came home from the bar one Saturday night and told his wife to be ready, because they were going to church the next morning. And they did. From that day on he never picked up another drink.

Let the feds pay

IF THE city is so strapped for funds and having problems with the control tower at the airport, and if the federal government will pay a private contractor more money to operate it, then why in the world is the city keeping another unnecessary employee on the payroll?

Problems with music

IS ANYONE else tired of the booming music on the streets? In Cape Girardeau there is a noise ordinance, but it is not enforced. We filed a formal complaint regarding the loud music in our neighborhood. Two weeks later, nothing has been done. Anyone else out there having the same problem?

Strong mind and body

A TAXPAYING resident wrongly concluded that so-called extracurricular activities are not supposed to be central to a school's mission. In fact, they have long since equaled the academic focus in importance. That is as it should be. The ancient Greeks applauded the goal of striving to achieve what they called the Golden Mean: a strong mind and body. The latter can only be achieved by vigorous interscholastic sports competition.

Getting out of war

I SAW on "Inside Edition" a woman who had signed up for the military and did not want to go because she has a baby and her husband is on the front line. I don't think it's right. She signed up knowing full well what the risks were. To get out of it at wartime seems wrong to me. The Army offered this woman a general discharge. I think she should be very happy.

City management

I READ a while back about paying $40,000 for a consultant to figure how to promote tourism in Cape Girardeau. Why do we have a city manager? We can't afford the salt for icy roads. We don't repair potholes. We spend to widen streets that don't need it. If he can't manage the money, let's go back to letting the mayor and the council run the city.

Passed by police

DO RESIDENTS have the right to arrest Jackson police for speeding? I was passed in a 40-mph zone in Jackson by a policeman going at least 50 mph with no siren, no lights on and no evident emergency.

AS A Vietnam veteran who is proud to be an American, I'd like to remind the rest of you that our Constitution provides everyone the right to free speech and peaceful assembly. Being for the action in Iraq doesn't make one more patriotic than one who is opposed to it. I have paid the price for our right to protest. I don't see any long lines at the recruiting office.

City's priorities

CITY OF Cape management, is anyone listening? You want new taxes, yet the streets on the north side are desperate for repair. No one seems to have the time to get around to fix the potholes. Are the city's priorities correct?

Doesn't seem right

MY WIFE has been a teacher for over 30 years and a darn good teacher. She came home the other day and said that the principal had fired her. That's going to put us without insurance, I'm on disability. We're probably going to have to sell our house. This doesn't seem right.

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