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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

No one likes may love the people you meet....but no one likes the process of dating,it feels like work. You know when you don't have a job,you start looking for a job...the looking for a job becomes the job. Dating is a job.It's my job in fact, well professional hobby. My motto is I go on the bad dates so you don't have to. I have learn a whole lotta things today about dating that I would never have imagined in my teens and early twenties. One of the most important things I learned is LISTEN to your gut instinct.. you know..The same feeling you get when a infomercial comes on. It's too good to be true. When I don't listen to my instinct I do end up regretting it. Recently I had a regret like that.

I had connected with a gentleman thru the Internet. We were corresponding via e-mails....I had sent my picture he had sent his. In his picture was a husky young man, clean shaven,no glasses....german features. So we made a date to meet+greet. My first time dates are always short no more than an hour at best. Because if it's a good date and everything is clicking, you want to leave them wanting more. If it isn't, even staying a minute becomes too long. I asked him what time in the day would he like to meet. I like first time meeting to be in the daylight.So you CAN see that this is the same person you saw in the picture.

He asked if we could meet in the evening at a pub..oooohhh.....My gut was cramping up on me,so I properly ignored it and said sure. We made the date for downtown, by this time I was writhing on the floor in pain(instinct).

I got ready to go on date. I was looking sassy and ever so fetching...yeah, I can say that, don't you see my tiara?.I got to the pub a little before our date and waited..and waited. In between the wait and wait...I was able to have 2 drinks,1 appetizer and have 3 guys try to chat me whose card I took (thank you)..another gentleman came by my table. Feeling quite agreeable I said "hello"...He said "Hello how are doing Rhon."..."Rhon?"..."Do you know me?"...I'm the guy you are here to meet.

No,no no.....the guy standing before wore glasses(thick) and had a grizzly adams beard AND he definitely wasn't husky, he was pregnant with twins and I'm a big girl, and if I think your big....all I could think was this is gonna be one long minute. After I left the meet+greet and as I got in my truck and drove off. I was already composing a lovely toss off note to e-mail...It's me, not you I have the problem with people lying to me and misrepresenting themselves, not you.

I received the next day an e-mail from him. I quote.

Hi Rhon, I had a lovely time meeting you.I just wanted to clear the air here and be honest. I'm married and if this is a problem for you please let me know.

I being the sweet-natured gal that I am e-mailed my reply back promptly.

Dear lovey,

No, I don't have a problem with you being married. Your wife on the other hand might. You see she hired me to check up on you and see if you were staying true to her. I'll be sending my bill to you. It was lovely meeting you.


Never miss an opportunity to make someone happy. Yourself.

Hey Boys and Girls....if you have a question about safe dating, good pick-up lines,good hygine,good anything....send your questions to Auntie Rhon @ my motto goes I go on bad dates so you don't have to. Let the date begin!

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