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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Outside The Mind Of Laurence Frost

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely re-arranging their prejudices."

- William James

It is no surprise to the common man that civil liberties are being slowly stripped away in favor of a more protected, religious, and moral society. The latest in this line are the rights of same-sex couples. There are those who know that Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that same-sex couple should have the right to marry within six months depending on residential and other requirements. This, in turn, has renewed a resolution of the conservative Republicans to have an amendment made to US Constitution allowing heterosexual marriages only. The US already has a federal Protection of Marriage law that allows the federal government and state governments to refuse to honor same-sex marriages. There are those states that have amended their constitutions to ban same-sex marriages.

I, like most americans with common sense, have no problem with allowing people to marry who they want. I personally do not believe it harms the institution of marriage or the rights of heterosexual couples. I do strongly disagree with the fact that our nation, which was founded on allowing freedoms, wants to ban this because the religious right disagrees with the lifestyle choices of others. But also let me state that I, as an african american, black male, or whatever, disagree with the struggle for gay & lesbian rights being compared to the struggle for african americans for equality. Anyone should be able to make any choice that makes them happier. The color of your skin can not be chosen as simply as which sex you chose to relate to. Any comparison cheapens both movements.

Still the fact remains, a nation whose stated purpose is to allow freedom and democracy is considering voiding the rights and choices of an entire demographic. Why? In order to feed our sense of moral superiority? To glorify an overblown religious ideal? Or just is it just out of ignorance and lack of compassion for anyone different than us? We haven't finished the first War on Terror and it's not going very well. The last thing we need is to start another one for more wrong reasons. I don't know about you but the loss of choice and rights is extremely terrifying. But this is only my opinion. So let me know yours.

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