Letter to the Editor

Protests aimed at bad policies, not individuals

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

To the editor:

In response to Terry Webb's letter "Protesters' real agenda: opposing President Bush": We've taken our cherished after-work time to get out on the streets here and away, write letters and talk to others about our firm belief that responding to violence with violence is not the way to proceed. I neither know nor hate President Bush. I hate his handling of this conflict and his decision to throw our membership in a world community out the window and proceed without support from many of our long-term allies.

Yes, Saddam Hussein is a despicable tyrant, but there the comparison between him and Hitler ends. Hitler was intent upon both creating a master race and establishing world dominance. He was actively murdering millions of people in his own and other countries. We joined our allies in fighting him, and it had little, if anything, to do with oil. Conversely, our actions in Iraq are opposed by a majority of our allies and are most certainly connected to Iraqi oil.

As to the "disruption" our protesting causes, people in the Middle East -- from the United States, Iraq, Britain and other countries -- are losing their lives and taking the lives of others. We fear, grieve and pray for them all. We want them to go home alive to their families and friends and have lives without violence. We've been and will continue to be right here until the last soldier is welcomed home.


Cape Girardeau