Letter to the Editor

Those memories about Snake Hill last a lifetime

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

To the editor:

In response to the letter "Snake Hill is one of Cape's few landmarks": Leaving Cape Girardeau in 1960 to join the Air Force and only returning for visits over the years, I have only fond memories of Snake Hill.

After class at the old Juden Elementary School, I loved to ride my bike with a favorite pal up Snake Hill and back for the thrill of coasting to the bottom or riding over for a Wimpy Burger and racing home to do my chores before dark. These are cherished and priceless memories.

Summers of picking peaches in the orchards on top of Snake Hill or just driving with my favorite girl (now my wife of 42 years) or the challenge of successfully negotiating the curves in my car on that icy winter road are nostalgic experiences never to be forgotten in my lifetime.

Maybe progress dictates the elimination of this landmark. If so, how sad that future generations of young lads and lassies will never get to experience those memorable times.


Bakersfield, Calif.