Letter to the Editor

Cape tax issues are investment in city's growth

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

To the editor:

As a member of the Cape Jaycees who promoted the swimming pool in Capaha Park in 1956, I want to comment on the upcoming election.

I look at this election like the one in 1956. We are not just voting on a tax issue. We are voting to make an investment in Cape Girardeau. The things the city wants to do with the money are necessary for the growth of the city.

The water park would bring extra people to Cape. The added taxes on the money they spend would help pay for all the issues.

Industries would look at the water park as a good place for their families to play. That would make Cape a more desirable place for them to locate.

As for cost to the people on fixed incomes, it will be closer to $50 a year than the $100 average that has been estimated. For the rest of the residents, the cost will never be noticed.


Cape Girardeau