Everybody's a Critic - 'Agent Cody Banks'

Friday, March 21, 2003

Two stars

Let's just start off by saying the only reason I'm giving this movie two stars is the fact that Hilary Duff, aka Lizzie McGuire, co-stars in this movie. I understand that I am 17 and that this movie may have received rave reviews had a group of 10-year-olds gone to it.

We start off by seeing that Cody Banks (Muniz) went to a CIA camp without his knowing. There they taught him and several others the different techniques used in the CIA. His mission, of course, is to save the world while keeping his parents and teachers happy. His awkwardness with girls and the typical group of PG-rated bullies didn't really amaze me too much or make me laugh.

Overall, I found this movie to be a long Disney commercial that you would drop your toddlers off at if you needed to do some grocery shopping.

- Sam DeReign, Oran High School student

One and a half stars

The movie "Agent Cody Banks" is an unrealistic version of a young adult's life. The costumes and language are a bit too adult for a pre-teen movie. How many pre-teens know about the CIA?

When it comes to gadgets and being slick, Cody has plenty of help in his corner: A James Bond scientist who gives him all the supplies he needs to carry out his assignment, which is to fall in love with a lovely young girl and sneak into a lab under her home.

Do we really want to show our children that it's OK to lie because it's part of your job? I also was very displeased with the way they portrayed Cody's partner. I understand that sex sells, but there is no reason why a grown women needs to be flouncing around half-dressed in the boys locker room.

- Melissa Harrison, cardiac technician

Three and a half stars

"Agent Cody Banks" is yet another link in the ever lengthening chain of James Bond-type movies. This moviegoer was pleased with the special effects and scripting. Although made with children and teens in mind, there was more adult-oriented humor than I expected.

Frankie Muniz gives an outstanding performance as a 16-year-old "junior secret agent" recruited while away at what his parents believed to be a summer camp for the "best and brightest."

"That's kind of creepy isn't it? We're the CIA. Creepy is what we do." Ha. Very funny stuff.

The movie also stars Arnold Vosolo, who may be remembered from such films as "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns."

The educational quotient of this movie was very high. I saw a gyroscopic helicopter and those delightful personal conveyance vehicles. Expect a sequel.

- Mike Uhrhahn, construction worker

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