Speak Out 03/20/03

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Congress must say no

THIS NEW policy of pre-emptive military aggression against a sovereign nation that is suspected of having the potential to attack the United States is taking the country down an isolationist road where we will be the pariah of the world -- and rightly so. When is Congress going to stand up to Bush and tell him no? We want our democracy back.

It's our trash

IN RESPONSE to Joe Sullivan's column about bathrooms and trash: In the past, food came fresh from gardens, not wrapped in foam or plastic or in cans. The jars that were used to can meat, fruits and vegetables were recycled for years until they broke. There weren't all the boxes of pre-made, freeze-dried entrees. All these items have containers that need to be disposed of. You need to crush all containers before placing them in the trash cans. Refrain from using disposable dish cloths, wipes and paper towels. Use cloths and wash and reuse. Reuse or recycle plastic bags.. Having three bathrooms doesn't mean more trash, it just means more cleaning. You can't use three facilities more than you do one, so don't blame it on the bathroom. Waste is produced. We are responsible for saving ourselves multiple trips to the trash can.

Informative debate

THE BILL Clinton-Bob Dole debates on "60 Minutes" do more to inform us about what's happening than the around-the-clock-watching of any of the cable news networks' talking heads.

Wilson's tradition

PRESIDENT BUSH'S plans for Iraq and perhaps other parts of the world are in the idealistic tradition of Woodrow Wilson. Though Wilson's efforts failed miserably, who is to say that the time is not ripe for the exporting of democracy to Iraq and other places? The only complaint I have is the ridiculous claim that all of this is somehow in the conservative tradition. Instead, it is a radical attempt to reconstruct Iraq as a representative democracy. Let's go for it. Let's roll, even if roll means rolling the dice.

Not a Christian war

I SHARE Thomas Eagleton's eloquently expressed concern that the United States may not have the staying power to democratize Iraq. Unfortunately, Eagleton's screed was severely tainted by his implication that we are attempting to impose Christianity on the Iraqis. That's absurd.

Give them an A+

FOR ITS principled opposition to TIF proponents touting the use of tax money to subsidize a ritzy real estate project, the Cape Girardeau School Board deserves an A+ and a collective profile in courage award.

Hanging up the phone

THIS IS for the people who enjoy hanging up when they're on the phone with someone. I am beginning to think it is done as a control issue. It makes them feel in control of something. They also are running from their own problems and taking them out on whomever calls them. Do us all a favor and be kind when you answer the phone. You never know who will be on the other end.

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