Speak Out 3/19/03

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

TO THOSE who think teenagers are mature enough to handle drinking at 18: Most adults have trouble handling alcohol.

Laws would save lives

WHEN ARE we ever going to learn about these deadly fires? If mandatory inspections were required every six months, we wouldn't have a problem. I think someone needs to get busy and create some new laws.

No smoke detectors

IT IS such a shame about all the fatal fires recently. What's even more of a shame is that none of them had smoke detectors that could have saved their lives. Detectors are such and inexpensive piece of equipment.

Grandparents' support

TO THE grandparents who think their grandchildren are spoiled brats: I hope your grandparents thought more of you when you were growing up. Children need support from their families. I hope they are willing to take care of you later in life after you've not treated them well.

Insurance malpractice

I RECENTLY heard a radio discussion between state Rep. Jason Crowell and a local doctor about putting caps on malpractice suits. I feel badly for the doctors who have to pay the enormous amounts for insurance, but the problem doesn't exist in the political system. It is in the insurance companies. Malpractice suits have declined over the last 10 years, but insurance companies have lost money in bad investments and are raising rates on consumers in order to recoup those losses. We need to examine that aspect of the equation, not the justice system.

Man with good ideas

STATE REP. Lanie Black wants to change the way the highway commission is run in order to put more focus on the conditions of the road and less on what the bigwigs wants. I think Black is a good and honest man. If he has some ideas, we should hear him out.

Limits on trash

THIS IS to the city of Cape Girardeau. You need to rework the whole trash-collection system, because it isn't working. You are allowed two bags or two containers up to 75 pounds. I have two bags in a can and three small kitchen bags next to the can. How does that exceed the limit?

Ravages of teen sex

AMERICA IS in the midst of what could be the first politically incorrect epidemic in history. Liberal advocates and feminist activists have spent the last 30 years promoting sexual freedom as the path to happiness. The result: 8,000 teenagers are diagnosed with and sexually transmitted diseases every day. Political correctness advocates won't admit it, but in the new book "Epidemic: How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Children," it is fully covered.

I WAS hauling load of lumber in a pickup truck and it dumped itself right in front of Wal-Mart in Jackson. As I was trying to pick it up out of the road, I was surprised when a crowd showed up to help. I want to thank everyone who helped out in our time of need. Thank you all very much.

Help from the teacher

DO YOU know how frustrating it is when you receive your child's weekly work from school on Friday and see all these red marks? I don't see any problem until I see their work when it comes home. When my child comes home and tells me the teacher is on her cell phone several times a week making personal phone calls, this upsets me. I have spoken to the teacher and the principal and have seen no results. I don't know why this teacher can't take a few minutes to help our children.

Support for troops

I'M TIRED of hearing all these remarks and letters about who is patriotic and who isn't. I am probably more patriotic than most people in this world. But I hate this upcoming war and I don't believe it is necessary, but I will support our troops and pray for them every day.

Time for school choice

Teachers and administrators are always complaining about the lack of money and how they can't handle our kids and if they only had more money they could produce great kids. What a bunch of hooey. This has been their war cry all along. Despite getting roughly $8,000 annually per student, they can't seem to get the job done. It is about time for private industry to get involved and offer a choice for parents and where their tax dollars go. Let's make these fat cats earn the right to teach and educate our kids.

Futility, not democracy

I love Cape Girardeau, but obviously it has many residents who are not interested in democracy. People gripe about the River Campus and say Jim Drury's lawsuits are costing the city a lot of money. Yet the majority of voters approved the project in a 1998 vote. Statewide and locally, people want to put concealed weapons to a vote even though that issue was defeated. Are we supposed to keep putting ballot issues up for public consideration repeatedly until the whiners and complainers get their desired outcome? That's futility, not democracy.

Unfair, bad policy

I was impressed with the diligent manner in which the Cape Girardeau School Board and its superintendent came to the correct decision on the TIF issue. I am concerned that the TIF commission, which will make a recommendation to the city council, will not demonstrate the same amount of wisdom. It is unfair and bad policy for the city to be in the business of granting a tax abatement for an exclusive residential subdivision.

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