Letter to the Editor

Our greatness is being eroded by our policies

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

To the editor:

I disagree with the advocates of diversity and multiculturalism who believe all cultures are equal and feel we should accept them to the detriment of our own country's institutions and our way of life. The war on terrorism is really a war on ideas resulting directly from two completely different cultures.

Our Christian history and freedom and our American culture, for which we owe no apology, are far superior to any other, and we don't need to proclaim otherwise. We need to recognize that we are rapidly destroying the best and greatest culture the world has known by our inaccurate and erroneous domestic and foreign policies and acceptance of weaker and more inhumane cultures.

We have no need to apologize for out country's greatness. I simply advocate that those from the baby boomers and succeeding generations return to the way of life saved for them by my generation, the Greatest Generation, which by far was closer to our forefather's hopes and aspirations than today's culture.