FanSpeak 3/16/03

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Get it ready

I WAS reading in the Central High student paper about the sports starting this spring. The baseball season is starting, and they hope to be playing on the new fields. I don't see why it wouldn't happen. They have a big crew to get the field ready. I can't see why they can't get this done. If they can't, I think they owe it to the families and people of the city an explanation. They owe it to the seniors to get that field ready.

Support is there

INTERESTING THAT the guy in Paducah wasn't able to get the minor-league baseball franchises in place for this season. I've often thought Cape Girardeau could support a minor-league baseball team as well as some of the other cities that have one now. Why not?

Good job, cable guys

A BIG thanks to Charter for all the Southeast basketball games they've brought us this year. Too bad Southeast lost to Austin Peay, but thanks again to Charter for allowing us to see them do their best.

Congrats to Smith

CONGRATULATIONS TO B.J. Smith on leading the Otahkians to their most successful season in Division I basketball in just his first year. You did a great job even while being criticized by David Wilson saying that "you may be climbing too high on the expectation ladder" and "not going out on a limb" to predict any Southeast basketball team would get to the OVC tournament in Nashville.

Big season for BC

I WOULD like to thank the coaching staff of Bell City for the wonderful job they have done in making our kids not only outstanding players but children who show respect. Even if it takes tough love, I am in full support.

Thanks for the show

THIS WAS a season full of firsts. It's the first time the Southeast women finished second in the OVC. It's their first time to reach the OVC championship game, and they tied a team-high for Division I wins. It's also the first time I heard the coach's show, which I thought was entertaining. Great job by all who participated. Is there any way I can get a tape of the shows?

We'd suggest contacting the station at 339-7000.

Plenty of parity

WHAT A great year for Southeast Missouri high school basketball. It's outstanding how the multiplier worked out and allows even more area high schools like Clarkton, Delta, Greenville and Kelly an opportunity to make runs toward state titles.

No pictures perfect

DO YOU know where I can find a picture of the Notre Dame girls quarterfinal game? I didn't see one in the paper and was wondering if you even sent a photographer to the game? I would really like to have seen a picture.

We didn't have a photographer available to attend that particular game, but we did have photos from the team's games in Columbia (including in today's edition). To get reprints of photos in our newspaper, call 335-6611 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Worth standing up for

THIS IS in response to the female athlete refusing to respect the national anthem. I think she's missing the point, and so are the columnists, for example, the one on your sports page who applauded her freedom of speech. The point they're all missing is that when we stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or salute the flag, we are stating that we have allegiance and loyalty to our country. That doesn't mean we support every decision our officials make. I don't agree with every decision that's made, and I haven't agreed for every president that's been elected, but that doesn't mean that for the next four years I turn my back on the flag. To protest at one action by showing disrespect to the whole country is childish.

Show him the door

I WAS wondering if you couldn't find better columnists for your Sports section than this clown, Jason Whitlock. If you put any more of his columns in there, it's just that much less I have to read.

Different strokes

ASK ANYONE in Delta and they will have a different opinion on the coaching staff. To the person who called in about the parent yelling at the coach, you need to get your facts straight. If you don't know the facts, call the parent. I'm sure he would be more than happy to let you know exactly what happened.

We'll miss him

THANKS, RON Cook, for all the years you've put into making Jackson High School girls basketball better. We're sorry to see you go.

Proud of the season

I WOULD like to congratulate the Oran High School basketball team. Those boys have nothing to hang their heads about. I really think if they would have gotten to play Bell City on a dry floor they would have won. Delta High School really needs to do something about the gym floor sweating. Thank you Oran for an exciting year, and good luck to you seniors.

Change the channel

I AGREE with the article about the poor sports coverage KFVS gives Southeast. My friends andI watch WPSD for better local coverage.

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