Letter to the Editor

Protesters words, actions affect troops abroad

Saturday, March 15, 2003

To the editor:

Something liberals fail to understand is that they have the right in this country to speak out against their president and this government and even burn Old Glory for one reason: every man and woman who has served and sacrificed for this country.

I realize this is probably going to fall on deaf ears, but let me attempt to open some eyes to what the protesters words and actions mean to a soldier who is serving in another part of the world.

A soldier away from home only has his or her faith and fellow soldiers to stay strong. Part of that faith is knowing that the work he or she is doing is appreciated by those he or she defends.

When you criticize their mission, you condemn a part of that faith. When you exercise your right to protest against what they are fighting for, you take some of that faith.

Those who attack our soldiers are just one more psychological enemy to watch out for.


Scott City