Letter to the Editor

Innocent Iraqis are being killed with little outcry

Friday, March 14, 2003

To the editor:

I would like to respond to John C. Bierk, who incorrectly labeled those who support our president as pro-war. War is our last resort. Twelve years of appeasement and containment has done nothing to reduce the threat that Saddam Hussein poses to us and to his own people. We favor taking action to prevent Saddam from arming groups like al-Qaida with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

The rhetoric that this would be a pre-emptive and unilateral attack is completely false. This is a resumption of hostilities by Iraq by its refusal to disarm as required by 17 previous U.N. resolutions. Also, we have more than 20 countries who support us. How can that be unilateral?

The appeasers also claim that war will cause too many innocent Iraqis to die. What they don't tell you is that millions have died under Saddam's reign of terror and that Saddam currently tortures children and babies. Where is the outcry about that? The protesters' mission is clear: to hurt and damage our president at the expense of our country. Our mission is to free the Iraqis and the world from a ruthless tyrant.