Letter to the Editor

Engineer explains MoDOT's process for right-of-way

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

To the editor:

The Missouri Department of Transportation has mailed two project updates to property owners and community leaders about the Highway 34-72 project in Jackson. In our January update, the right-of-way process was explained in an effort to educate residents about the property-acquisition process. Some questions and concerns have been raised about compensation.

The property is appraised in its present state and also appraised based on the site after the project is completed. The difference is the compensation offered.

Access is not something that can be valued alone but is part of the total package. Any loss in value because of access restriction -- be it landlocking, addition of a median or restrictions in number or width of entrances -- is reflected by the differences in the before and after values.

Loss or restriction of access cannot be valued independently under current law. Any loss to a business is compensated by relocation benefits that are separate from real estate values.

In those cases where an agreement cannot be reached, a jury will decide the compensation.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our right-of-way manager, Sherry Glastetter, at 888-275-6638 or 573-472-5345.


District Engineer

Missouri Department

of Transportation

Sikeston, Mo.