Letter to the Editor

Affordable oil is key factor in good economy

Saturday, March 8, 2003

To the editor:

Is affordable oil evil? Anti-war protesters have signs that say "No war for oil." U.S. News & World Report reported "many economists say the more efficient way to help Americans give up oil would be to do what the Europeans do: tax gasoline more heavily."

Affordable oil is a synonym for prosperity. Without affordable oil, the first thing to disappear would be transportation. Without trucks to haul goods to and from factories, there would be no jobs nor products.

Neither would there be farms providing food. Fabrics made from cheap oil would be gone. Without oil-dependent electricity, we wouldn't have air conditioning, refrigeration and a wealth of electrical appliances.

Arabs didn't have two coins to rub together until their oil was located. They became extremely wealthy by the efforts of others.

Economists who would cure our national economic distress by removing oil from our world would be fools in the biblical sense when foolish is the translation for those who do not use their minds.


Patton, Mo.