Letter to the Editor

Youths, elders deserve tolerance from each other

Saturday, March 8, 2003

To the editor:

I commend Mark Gordin for his letter regarding being patient with older drivers who may drive slower than others prefer. I have often had similar thoughts but would not have expressed them as well.

I might add a quote that I have adopted as a reminder to be tolerant of others in this and other similar situations: "As I am, so once were you, and as you are, so shall I someday be." Also, if you reverse those statements to "As you are now, so once was I and as I am now, so shall you someday be," it helps to remind us to be tolerant of our youths and, hopefully, they of us.

Incidentally, I suppose I am now in the "older" category but have yet to start driving slow, which, upon reflection, may present an even greater concern.


Cape Girardeau