Monsignor Rolwing - Model of faith

Friday, March 7, 2003

Almost anyone who devotes half a century to a job, hobby or community service deserves special attention. But when folks speak of Monsignor Richard Rolwing, they put less emphasis on the length of his service to the Roman Catholic Church than to the quality of his pastoral care and devotion.

Rolwing, who is pastor of St. Mary's Cathedral in Cape Girardeau, is admired by his fellow clergymen -- many of whom have served under his mentoring -- and by ministers from other denominations. Add to that the love and respect of in-the-pew Catholics from the churches he has served and it's easy to see why nearly 600 people attended his golden jubilee Mass last week.

There have been plenty of other special observances in honor of Rolwing's service -- described as saintly at this week's meeting of the Rotary Club of Cape Girardeau where he is a member, including a celebratory Mass in Charleston, Mo., where he has so many relatives.

We are happy to join so many others in expressing our best wishes to Monsignor Rolwing and our hearty thanks that he is among those who elevate our community in so many ways.

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