Girls going wild warned jail time might result

Friday, March 7, 2003

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. -- If girls go wild, they'll go to jail -- and so will those who videotape them baring it all, says the mayor of America's top spring break destination.

The creators of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos are planning a live pay-per-view broadcast next Thursday from an undisclosed spring break destination. In the videos, college-age women bare their breasts while partying.

"I hope, and have asked, that those people who unchain the girls and ask them to go wild make that trip" to jail, said Mayor Lee Sullivan, a former police chief.

A call to "Girls Gone Wild" was not immediately returned Thursday.

Panama City Beach police and the sheriff's office have been on the alert since the recent arrival of the "Girls Gone Wild" production crew and tour bus.

Police Maj. David Humphreys said officers will be on the lookout for public nudity, lewd acts and disorderly conduct. They will also arrest anyone who solicits someone else to violate the law, he said.

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