Letter to the Editor

Boys, Girls Club seeks resources to repair roof

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

To the editor:

In response to Patricia Cox's letter, we are also grieved that a little girl fell and got hurt at the Boys and Girls Club. That little girl is healing rapidly and doing much better. We are grateful for the medical community and for folks who bring their children to the Boys and Girls Club, which continues to offer educational and recreational programs for the kids so that they can improve their grades, improve decision making and grow into responsible adults.

As to the leaking roof of the Civic Center, we too wish it could be repaired immediately. To blame the city for the Civic Center facility is incorrect though. The Boys and Girls Club is not in the city budget. We hope someday soon the city council will budget dollars for the club since we offer a significant service to the citizens of the city. The club operates as a not-for profit corporation relying on donations and grants. The income is meager. The director receives no salary. The United Way continues to be generous, but those funds are insufficient for roof repairs.

The property committee of the club is consulting roof repair companies and trying to put together the resources for the repair. Maybe those who read this letter would help in this effort.

We hope this letter helps to clarify the relationship between the city government and the Boys and Girls Club.




Board President

Boys and Girls Club

Cape Girardeau