Letter to the Editor

Slow motorists deserve praise, not criticism

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

To the editor:

I will admit that I sometimes get frustrated when I get stuck behind a slow driver, but then I decide to think about the person instead of the situation.

Maybe he is a World War II veteran. I bet he moved like lightning as he stormed the beach at Normandy. He may be one of those who risked his life for all of us, including those impatient, ungrateful tailgaters.

Or maybe she is a mother and grandmother who raised a beautiful productive family. She probably dedicated a lifetime of love, tears, discipline and hard work as she poured her life into her children.

Or maybe he is a simple man who faithfully went to work everyday to provide for himself and his own. This type of person plays a huge role in making our country great.

Or maybe he is a strong man of faith for whom God cups his ear and leans over a little farther to hear that familiar voice of prayer. The prayer of a righteous man covers much sin.

We may never know the driver's life story, but there are so many wonderful seasoned citizens that we dare not risk offending or rushing any of them. Regardless of their current state, they were once people like you and me -- probably better. All of us need to recognize the great debt of gratitude and respect that we owe to this Greatest Generation. Be sure to make room on the road and in your life for them.