Letter to the Editor

Veterans would reap benefits of sales-tax break

To the editor:

As our country struggles with a wavering economy and constant reminders of imminent terrorist attacks, Missouri needs to play its part in safeguarding the future for Americans. One such way is to give the Missouri economy a quick boost.

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Kinder recognizes the need to improve the local economy. He is the sponsor of legislation that would create a sales-tax holiday during the back-to-school shopping season. Senate Bill 11 would allow us to buy important items -- computers, clothing, school supplies -- with paying sales taxes at a designated time.

Many veterans live on fixed or low incomes and would especially welcome this tax relief. It would provide a more affordable opportunity for us to purchase home computers for our children and grandchildren. Technology is a must for students these days, and access to home computers would allow our families to have a full range of opportunities for a bright education and future. A sales-tax holiday would encourage more consumers to buy, increasing sales and boosting the local economy. I encourage the Senate to pass SB 11, which would be a great lift for Missouri and an inspiration for the nation's well-being.


Past State Commander

Missouri Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars

St. Peters, Mo.