Letter to the Editor

Americans have many sources for information

To the editor:

It's clear I live in a totally different America than the war protesters, especially when it comes to the news media. Protesters somehow think the president and government have hijacked the media and trashed the First Amendment. They believe we have only one news sources from a state-run, government-controlled media outlet owned by unnamed and unknown evil corporations.

We enjoy a media smorgasbord. We have competing television networks with professional news organizations. We have cable news channels with reporters around the globe. We have NPR and talk radio. We also have thousands of publications representing the spectrum of American politics and ideologies. There is the Internet and short-wave radio.

The reason the vast majority of Americans support our president and national defense is not because we are mindless robots who believe everything that come from the government. It's because we are a free-thinking, freedom-loving people who have at our fingertips a wide selection of information. I hope we will do everything we can to support, preserve and protect it.


Cape Girardeau