Speak Out 02/26/03

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Using Scriptures

FUNDAMENTALIST extremists who ignore scriptural entreaties toward peace, tolerance and love in order to impose their religious viewpoints through violent means are the primary threat in the world today. This is obvious when we observe the Islamic terrorist who misreads the Koran and finds hate there. Equally in error, and just as dangerous, are the fundamentalist Christian and the militant Zionist who fail to see that none of the Scriptures should be used to justify slaughter of the innocents and that all three great religions are related through the great progenitor, Abraham.

The voice of dissent

HAVING LIVED through the Clinton era, I thought constantly criticizing the president, his Cabinet members and their policies was the thing to do. You Republicans taught us well. Now, for some strange reason, no one is supposed to voice dissent. It's regarded as un-American. Sorry, but I will continue voicing my total dissatisfaction.

They were duped

I REJECT the idea that those in the military are mostly there because they want to be. Many are there because it's the only option when you are from poverty. I'd like to know how many of those 18- and 19-year-olds saw pictures of battle when the recruiters signed them up. Anyone whose ever encountered a recruiter knows very well that's the one thing they didn't see or talk about. Stop pretending they're choosing to be there. They're children who were duped into it, just like we're currently being duped by the media into accepting this ridiculous war.

A missed opportunity

I AM a theater student at SEMO who is concerned with the theater and dance department's production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," specifically in regard to the casting of community members, faculty and staff in the show instead of students. Professors always tell us that performing in the shows is an opportunity to learn, but how we can get the chance if they chose to cast everyone but us? The budget for these shows comes from the tuition our parents pay. How fair is it if we are jilted out of our learning experiences?

Trading the blame

REGARDING THE railroad crossing on Route V in Gordonville: Try the crossing on Route A in Dutchtown. It is horrible. I have contacted both the railroad and the Missouri Department of Transportation and have gotten nowhere in the past two years. Something must be done.

Looking for profit

ONLY A demagogue would claim that Democrats want the economy to continue to decline just so President Bush will lose the next election. I am a Democrat whose future relies on the success of the stock market and the economy as a whole. Even though I would like to see Bush defeated, I'm not willing to see my entire financial future go down the drain in order to achieve it. Republicans, you'll have to come up with some new lies about Democrats. This one is just dumb.

Assault on the mind

ANYONE WHO is not brain-dead knows good and well that the form of government established by our Constitution is under full-scale attack. I have probably watched about six hours of TV in the past year. I simply cannot bear the overwhelming intellectual assault which television broadcasting represents to me. It is anathema to a sound mind. Furthermore, in my opinion, TV is to a mature, intelligent adult as Gerber baby food is to an infant. Truly there is a war on for your mind. If you are regularly watching TV, guess who is winning.

Budgetary answer

THE REPRINTED Wall Street Journal screed aside, an Internet tax would be the answer to all government budgetary woes. The real beauty of it would be that it would tend to sock it to the haves.

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