Tourist arrested with gas canister, grill at Miami airport

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

MIAMI -- A Japanese tourist was arrested after carrying a canister of gasoline and a barbecue grill through Miami International Airport, police said.

Atsushi Ishiguro, 45, was charged Friday with creating a potential safety hazard and a violation of airport security directives, police said.

Ishiguro was traveling on American Eagle Airlines from Jamaica to the Bahamas.

During a security screening at a layover in Miami, authorities questioned Ishiguro about the liquid in his 11-ounce metal canister. He told them it was gasoline.

Ishiguro was taken into custody when he refused to give up the canister. Two boxes of matches and a barbecue grill were also in his possession.

Authorities became more suspicious after examining Ishiguro's passport which included stamps from Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

The FBI and the Immigration and Naturalization Service are reviewing his case.

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