Letter to the Editor

Forsee - Sprint offers opportunity worth pursuing

Monday, February 17, 2003

To the editor:

In response to the story "Sprint's CEO pick keeps long-distance link to Cape Girardeau":

When we moved to Cape Girardeau in 1966, it was pretty incredible to get befriended by so many folks who really didn't have to do that, and for that I will always think about those friends in a special way. I could end up tomorrow afternoon at the Pilot House or the Palladium with Pat Godwin, Jay Sheets, Mike Bristow, Walter Lamkin, Steve Miesner, John Rigdon and many others, and it would be like being home even though the time we see each other or talk gets reduced to e-mails or an occasional phone call or a surprise drop-in visit. The stories with that particular group are legendary -- or so we remember, and we all contributed.

Cape Girardeau was for us, growing up then, a special place as I'm sure it is for those who make it their home today. After 30 years and 16 moves, the Sprint opportunity was something totally unexpected but an opportunity I couldn't take a chance on not pursuing.

The combination of the professional opportunity to lead a company I had a small role in helping to build during the 1990s along with the personal opportunity to return to Missouri is unique. Our two daughters are both in Missouri. My younger brother David -- CHS 1974 -- is also in Kansas City. So I think I had plenty of reasons to be excited about the potential Sprint opportunity.