Speak Out 02/14/03

Friday, February 14, 2003

THIS IS to the Speak Out caller who's against the Show Me Center having rock concerts. There were several of us who attended the rock concert Friday night at the Show Me Center, and they put on a wonderful show. We enjoyed it. Some of us like our music.

Alternative fuel

IF PEOPLE think the economy is bad now, wait until this latest increase in the price of gasoline hits everybody else and everything in the stores starts going up in price. This is going to happen. These oil men are going to bust this country. You can't win for losing. We need an alternative fuel for automobiles.

Begging for mercy

THE WAR protesters have forgotten the attack on America and the 3,000 innocent lives lost. They are afraid of repercussions and are begging these terrorists not to attack again. It's a cowardly response to our country's attack and shows no support for our brave defenders, President Bush and our loyal servicemen and women. What a cowardly outrage to beg for mercy instead of standing up and protecting our country.

Gouging on oil

ON TV, they're blaming Venezuela for increases in gas prices. Do they now think the American people are stupid? Saudi Arabia increased its production to make up for what we were getting from Venezuela, and people have not been driving as much because of this bad weather. Just like always , the consumer is getting gouged by oil companies.

Thanks, road crews

HERE IT is 6 o'clock in the morning. I think we've had 20 inches of snow this winter in Jackson, and the crews out here with the snowplows and throwing cinders. I want to thank you guys for taking care of us here in Jackson. God bless you all, each and everyone.

Protest, then support

PEOPLE WHO are against this war need to speak out. Once our boys are over there, we've got to support them 100 percent. We have to be Americans first and anti-war or anti-Bush second. Until then, really stand up for what you think is right.

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