Letter to the Editor

Nigeria takes necessary action against scammers

Friday, February 14, 2003

To the editor:

While your effort to inform your readers of the menace of Nigerian con artists is appreciated, unguarded statements like "Because the United States has no criminal extradition treaty with Nigeria, law enforcement can do next to nothing to bring the Nigerian con artists to justice" should be avoided.

It gives people an impression, which is clearly misconceived, that law enforcement does not exist in Nigeria. I am sure you are aware of your duty to ensure that your reports are not only objective, but that they are also as accurate as possible. Let me correct your erroneous view by reiterating that these con artists are duly subjected to the full machinery of the law in Nigeria when the occasion arises.

The government of Nigeria is working earnestly with foreign governments through the country's embassies worldwide to bring these scam artists to book. Information leading to the arrest of the offenders is welcome. Once arrested, the judicial system takes charge to ensure that justice is served at the end of the day.

American reporters should exercise caution in the manner they portray foreign governments. Civilization does exist beyond the boundaries of the United States. Recognition of this fact will perhaps nurture a desire by your reporters to investigate how things are done elsewhere. The lax attitude which is prevalent at the moment cannot lead to anything but biased and inaccurate accounts. I think the average American citizen deserves something better.


Cambridge, Mass.