Bankruptcies for February 2003

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Alexander, Joe and Meredith, Hornersville, 10093

Aters, Floyd D. and Sharon K., East Prairie, 10038

Bays, Deloise, Hayti, 10018

Bibb, David D. and Debora K., Cape Girardeau, 10098

Bohnert, Barbara E. and Kenneth R., Perryville, 10111

Borden, Marilyn J. and Robert E., Dexter, 10022

Bowman, Ellen M., Cape Girardeau, 10097

Bradley, Gordon W. Sr., Scott City, 10039

Brantley, Brandon L., Marble Hill, 10060

Braun, Jennifer and John, Scott City, 10043

Briscoe, Sherry E. and Steven R., Poplar Bluff, 10132

Broege, Keith, Poplar Bluff, 10137

Brotherton, Shannon L., Jackson, 10141

Burrus, Steven M., Cape Girardeau, 10044

Burton, Gary D. and Lisa A., Kennett, 10078

Caraway, Linda M. and Miles D., Kennett, 10110

Carnell, George T. Jr., Charleston, 10113

Carnett, Jerry D. and Tonya J., Bragg City, 10056

Chism, Jerry A. and Susan E., Cape Girardeau, 10072

Chorn, Mary, Marble Hill, 10001

Chumbley, Phyllis K., Caruthersville, 10016

Clark, Lea A. and Timothy J., Advance, 10066

Clover, Adam W., Cape Girardeau, 10106

Coleman, Florida B. and Henry L., Caruthersville, 10019

Colvin, Daniel F. and Michelle M., Poplar Bluff, 10055

Cowell, Troy, Sedgewickville, 10002

Crawford, Mary F., Caruthersville, 10017

Dannenmueller, Jerome W., Chaffee, 10070

Davis, Marie A. and William J., Cape Girardeau, 10035

Davis, Paul E. Jr., Cape Girardeau, 10085

Dilworth, Heather D., Cape Girardeau, 10117

Dollins, Cynthia D. and Loyd E., Neelyville, 10077

Dowdy, Lisa A. and Timothy K., Jackson, 10037

Dunbar, Helen D., Poplar Bluff, 10053

Eaton, Michael G., Sikeston, 10124

Foster, Walter M., Campbell, 10120

Galaxy American Communications, L.L.C., Sikeston, 10146

Gamble, Aaron W. and Mary E., Caruthersville, 10013

Gant, Lynda S., Jackson, 10145

Gardner, Richard G., Malden, 10057

Gilmore, Linda K. and Virgil A., Poplar Bluff, 10139

Gohn, Bryan A., Jackson, 10102

Gordon, Karen, Braggadocio, 10089

Gray, Cynthia and Guy, Portageville 10091

Grebe, Darline and Joseph D., Cape Girardeau, 10087

Groves, Christine M., Cape Girardeau, 10101

Harkins, John, Cape Girardeau, 10090

Harris, Bridget D., Dexter, 10064

Harrison, Birdie E., Poplar Bluff, 10052

Harrison, Bruce W. Jr. and Malisa K., Catron, 10005

Hays, Russell J., Cape Girardeau, 10036

Hefner, Michael C., c/o Sheila Hefner, Poplar Bluff, 10031

Heisserer, Sharon K. and Thomas B., Jackson, 10116

Hopkins, Michael A., Portageville, 10062

Howell, Sylvia H., Perryville, 10134

Hower, Carolyn D. and Charles L., Doniphan, 10105

Hufford, Gerald T. and Teresa L., Senath, 10083

Hunt, David L. Sr., New Madrid, 10008

Idlett, Cynthia D. and Richard A., Cooter, 10079

Jackson, Jesse D., East Prairie, 10004

Johnson, James T., Sikeston, 10133

Johnson, Judy and Larry, Cape Girardeau, 10067

Johnston, Jill L. and Samuel I. Jr., Advance, 10046

Joy, Billy R. and Cynthia J., Dexter, 10021

Kennedy, Barbara A. and Larry D., Kennett, 10015

Kennedy, Brenda A. and Patrick B., Jackson, 10129

Kiefer, Deborah A. and Wendell E., Jackson, 10061

Kielhofner, J. Kay and Mark J., Jackson, 10122

Kirkwood, Amy B., Campbell, 10084

Lamunion, Richard H. and Sandra C., Clarkton, 10058

Lee, Angela M. and Christopher D., Cape Girardeau, 10054

Lenderman, Geneva M. and James L., Sikeston, 10126

Lewis, Ernie and Stacy, Portageville, 10088

Long, Jeffrey and Jina, Cape Girardeau, 10068

Lowe, Teresa A., Kennett, 10081

Ludolph, David J. and Susan M., Cape Girardeau, 10010

Lutes, Allen and Julia, Morehouse, 10127

Mangus, Janice K. and Scott E., Dexter, 10073

Manning, Kelly L., East Prairie, 10006

Marandola, James and Lois A., Ellsinore, 10075

McCaig, Angela D. and Michael P., Hayti, 10082

McCollum, Alton W. Sr., Wappapello, 10131

McDonald, Margaret A., Malden, 10076

McLevain, Jefferey W. and Rhonda L., Cooter, 10014

Meade, Loyd L. and Shirley A., Winona, 10136

Miner, Regina M., Sikeston, 10086

Moore, Nollie G. and Rhonda K., Pocahontas, 10059

Morgan, Jessica F., Dexter, 10029

Morgan, John H., Dexter, 10030

Morris, Dorothy A., Poplar Bluff, 10074

Moser, Christopher J. and Kerrigan R., Cape Girardeau, 10069

Moser, Lawrence J., Cape Girardeau, 10118

Myers, Matthew H. and Melissa D., Sikeston, 10140

Nall, Michael S. and Rhonda L., Jackson, 10063

Nierman, Linda S. and Raymond F. Jr., Sikeston, 10125

O'Hara, Lura A., Sikeston, 10142

Palmer, Stephen A., Jackson, 10095

Payne, Katherine P., Cape Girardeau, 10114

Pemberton, Rebecca J., East Prairie, 10119

Powell, Randy F., Steele, 10109

Poyner, James D., East Prairie, 10143

Pyles, David B. Jr. and Denise C., Piedmont, 10025

Raney, Terry L., Dexter, 10047

Richards, Donald R. and Shearon G., Dexter, 10003

Richmond, George R. Jr. and Laurielee A., Doniphan, 10051

Robinson, Terry L., Sikeston, 10065

Rushing, Janice E., Poplar Bluff, 10024

Russell, James M., Fredericktown, 10034

Russell, Judy F. and Phillip., Wappapello, 10020

Salvo, Sean M., Chaffee, 10100

Schwent, Keith B., Perryville 10112

Scott, Darrell E., Fredericktown, 10048

Scroggins, Barry and Lisa R., Jackson, 10042

Seabaugh, Debra and Jerry W., Jackson, 10135

Shanle, Christopher L. and Janet E., Sikeston, 10121

Shearrer, Jeffery R., Poplar Bluff, 10138

Simpson, Jerry L. and Margaret L., Bernie, 10130

Smith, Ronald W., Poplar Bluff, 10028

Sparks, Kevin F. and Shelley A., Marble Hill, 10009

Sprague, Tina L., Poplar Bluff, 10023

Spurlock, Pamela, Sikeston, 10115

Stoops, Melody S., Puxico, 10045

Sullivan, Marta L., New Madrid, 10007

Swims, Michael, Wardell, 10012

Tanksley, Angela R. and Tim L., Ellsinore, 10108

Tatum, Clyde D. and Cynthia A., Jackson, 10071

Taylor, Chistopher R., St. Mary, 10103

Tesson, Mark A. and Rita M., Fredericktown, 10128

Thomas, Ronnie W. and Sharon L., Hayti, 10040

Thompson, Donald R., Greenville, 10050

Tidwell, Timothy S., Hornersville, 10080

Tyra, Donald J., Dexter, 10026

Uthoff, Robert C., Sikeston, 10027

Warren, Greta, Kennett, 10092

Waters, Sylvia J., Sikeston, 10144

Webster, Sylvia L., Dexter, 10049

Williams, Christina M. and Lonnie A., Perryville, 10104

Williams, David F., Sikeston, 10123

Williams, Elizabeth A., Chaffee, 10041

Wright, Richard A. Jr., Cape Girardeau, 10099

Young, Kim E., Jackson, 10094

Yount, Craig P. and Pamela L., Marble Hill, 10096

Ziegler, Michael L. and Rebecca M., Perryville, 10107

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